MP. Prud'homme

Marie-Pascale Prud'homme

MP. Prud'homme


Research team: EcoPEPS

Tel: +33(0)2 31 56 58 01
Location: CAMPUS 1, Building J3, Door IR 014
Address: Université de Caen Normandie,
CS 14032 Esplanade de la paix,
14032 CAEN CEDEX 5, France

Research activities

Fructans are soluble fructose polymers produced by about 15% of angiosperms and by some microorganisms. Interestingly, they are multifunctional molecules. Indeed, in addition to their role as a carbon reserve, they contribute to abiotic stress resistance, plant immunity and plant-microorganism interactions. However, the underlying mechanisms are largely unknown.

In the context of climate change and agroecology transition, my research objectives are to study:

  • the regulation of fructan synthesis and degradation in relation to carbon metabolism and sugar transport,
  • the roles of fructans in plant drought resistance and in plant-microorganism interactions within the phyllosphere and rhizosphere,
  • the role of fructan degrading enzymes (FEHs) in non-fructan accumulating plants
  • the contribution of fructan to forage quality of grassland species.


Current and recent programs

  • CAnOPée (2022-2026) "Multi-scale approach to the services provided by a quality-labeled dairy chain: contribution of new indicators"  ANR. Coordinatrice N. Desmasures (UR 4651 ABTE, Université Caen Normandie). 
  • BEER (2019-2022) « Bacteria, exudates and rhizodeposition ». Regional research project of the Networks of Interests of Normandy (RIN). Coordinator: B. Pawlak GlycoMEV, University of Rouen Normandy).
  • ALGRIPLAST (2019-2022) « Valorization of derivatives and co-products of algae, cereals and vegetables for biodegradable applications in the circular economy ». Collaborative project Normandy Region. Coordinator: G. Lebouteiller (NaturePlast, Ifs).
  • NPT (2018-2021) « Normandie Plant Technology: Technological and methodological development to analyze plant growth, metabolic pathways and plant/microorganism interactions ». Regional research project of the Networks of Interests of Normandy (RIN). Coordinator: J-C. Avice (EVA, University of Caen Normandy).
  • ALGOEVA (2018-2021) « Valorization of algae in Normandy for the agriculture and animal health sectors: Interest of macro-algae, their extracts and the bioactive molecules derived from them, in the fields of plant production and equine health ». Collaborative project Normandy Region. Coordinator: M-P. Prud’homme (EVA, University of Caen Normandy).
  • EPURE (2017-2019) « Enhancing Plant nutrition and health ». Regional research project of the Networks of Interests of Normandy (RIN). Coordinator: I. Gattin (Aghyle, Unilasalle Rouen).
  • MICROPHYLLOS (2016-2018) « Microbial diversity of the grassland phyllosphere and identification of mechanisms involved in plant-microorganism interactions ». Emerging Normandy Region project. Co-coordinators: N. Noiraud-Romy (EVA, University of Caen Normandy), M. Cretenet (MALIM-ABTE, University of Caen Normandy).



  • Antoine Grandin-Courbet (2022-2025) « Improvement of the resistance of grassland and vegetable species to climate change by biostimulant compounds of algal origin: development of bioassays and understanding of the mechanisms of action » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand, F. Hennequart – Société Algaia).
  • Thi Ngoc Hanh Nguyen (2018-2022) « Rhizosphere glycomolecules and plant defense » (co-supervision with M. Vicré, A. Morvan-Bertrand, M-L Follet-Gueye).
  • Hans Lone-Sang (2017-2020) «Variations in carbohydrate contents and regulation of relative levels of LpSUT1 transporter gene transcripts by carbohydrates and in response to modulation of source-sink relationships in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) » (co-supervision with N. Noiraud-Romy and F. Meuriot).
  • Marouf Ould-Ahmed (2008-2012) « Metabolism of fructans during development and after harvest in timothy (Phleum pratense L); identification and functional analysis of two genes encoding Fructan Exo-Hydrolases (FEHs) with invertase activity » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand, P. Drouin UQAT - Canada).
  • Alexandre Berthier (2008-2011) « Sucrose transport in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.): response to defoliation and light intensity » (co-supervision with N. Noiraud-Romy, F. Meuriot).
  • Jérémy Lothier (2005-2007) « Fructan metabolism in Lolium perenne L.: Identification of two genes encoding fructan exohydrolases (FEHs) and study of the regulation of FEH activity by soluble sugars » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand).
  • Bertrand Lasseur (2002-2006) « Fructan metabolism in Lolium perenne L.: Cloning and functional expression of two fructosyltransferases; involvement in growth and tolerance to defoliation » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand).
  • Annette Morvan-Bertrand (1995-1998) « Dynamics of regrowth and mobilization of carbohydrate reserves in leaf sheaths and growing leaves of Lolium perenne L. after defoliation; estimation of the role of gibberellins on regrowth and on the regulation of fructan exohydrolase activity » (co-supervision with A. Ernstsen University of Tromso - Norway).
  • Natacha Pavis (1994-1998) « Mobilization and reconstitution of carbon reserves in the roots and different leaf tissues of Lolium perenne L: structural analysis of fructans, study by 13C labeling, demonstration of 6-glucose-fructosyltransferase ».
  • David Guerrand (1993-1997) « Fructan synthesis in Lolium perenne L ».

 Master degree

  • Mathias Coulon (2021) « Evaluation of the role of fructans in the protection of leaf meristems during drought: monitoring metabolism and scavenging of reactive oxygen species (ROS) » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand).
  • Théophile Modéna (2020) « Fructans and plant immunity in rapeseed, evaluation of the role of fructan exohydrolases » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand).
  • Paul Moulin (2020) « Contribution of fructans to drought resistance and evaluation of the biostimulating effect of algae extract » (co-supervision with A. Grandin, A. Morvan-Bertrand).
  • Laëtitia Leclerc (2018) « Fructan exohydrolases (FEHs) and plant immunity: Induction of the Bn6&1-FEH gene in rapeseed (Brassica napus) roots treated with Bacillus subtilis peptidoglycans or salicylic acid (SA) » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand).
  • Julien Lecourt (2010) « Functional characterization of two new isoforms of fructan exohydrolases (FEHs) in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and study of their transcriptional regulation after defoliation » (co-supervision with A. Morvan-Bertrand).



  • Nguyen TNH, Goux D, Follet-Gueye M-L, Bernard S, Padel L, Vicré M, Prud'homme M-P, Morvan-Bertrand A (2024) Generation and characterization of two new monoclonal antibodies produced by immunizing mice with plant fructans: New tools for immunolocalization of β-(2 → 1) and β-(2 → 6) fructans, Carbohydrate Polymers, 327, 121682
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  • Meuriot F, Prud’homme M, Noiraud‐Romy N (2022) Defoliation, wounding, and methyl jasmonate induce expression of the sucrose lateral transporter LpSUT1 in ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). Physiologia Plantarum 174:e13744. doi:10.1111/ppl.13744
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Teaching activities

I teach plant physiology at the Biology and Earth Sciences department and at the Agri-food department of the University of Caen Normandy. 


PhD of the University of Caen Normandy (1986) « Effect of NaCl on lipid metabolism in roots of Cochlearia anglica (L) ».

Accreditation to supervise research, Université de Caen Normandie (1996) « Roles and metabolism of fructans in grassland Poaceae ».

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