J. Sénécal

Juliette Sénécal


J. Sénécal

PhD student

Research Team :  EcoPEPS

e-mail : juliette.Sénécal@unicaen.fr

Tel. : +33(0)2 31 56 56 59

Location : CAMPUS 1, Bât. J3, Porte IR 059

Adress : Université de Caen Normandie,
CS 14032, Esplanade de la paix,
14032 CAEN CEDEX 5


Research activities

Thèse depuis 2023 :  "Identification de bouquets de services écosystémiques rendus par les prairies en AOP laitières de Normandie" 

Livestock production has been identified as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, water, air and soil degradation and biodiversity loss.  It's also important to maintain low-intensity livestock farming in order to preserve and maintain our permanent grasslands and their ecosystem services, which are in constant decline.

My research is registered in the field of grassland ecology. The aim of my thesis is to identify the ecosystem services provided by grasslands involved in PDO dairy labels in Normandy (Camembert, Neufchâtel, Livarot and Pont-L'Êveque).

The ecosystem services studied in this thesis are:

  1. Supporting services through the surveys of floristic and functional diversity via leaf traits (SLA, LDMC, LNC);
  2. Provisioning services through analyses of forage quality (digestibility, protein content, fructans and phenols);
  3. Regulating services through analyses of carbon storage in the soil and the study of plant-pollinator interactions with surveys of floral traits (production and sugar content of nectar).

These services are related to the historical (age and past management), pedoclimatic conditions, the landscape context and the actual management of the grassland. In the second time, the aim will be to determine which criteria among them condition the bundles of services.

Globally, we question whether or not the production of a product that certifies its quality can establish a balance between the different services. The sustainable production of a foodstuff, integrating the reduction of the ecological footprint, is one of the major challenges of agroecology. The dairy sector will have to rely on indicators adapted to achieve a balance between economic return, social expectations, environmental protection and the preservation of know-how.

Current Programs

CAnOPée - 2022-2026 - "Multi-scale approach to the services provided by a quality-labeled dairy chain: contribution of new indicators"  ANR. Coordinatrice N. Desmasures (UR 4651 ABTE, Université Caen Normandie). 


Servane Lemauviel-Lavenant & Annette Morvan-Bertrand


  • 2018 - 2020 : DUT Génie Biologique option génie de l'environnement à l'IUT de Caen
  • 2020 - 2021: Licence 3 Sciences de la vie parcours Biologie Ecologie, Université de Caen Normandie
  • 2021-2023 : Master Agrosciences Environnement Territoires Paysage Forêt "ECOCAEN", Université de Caen Normandie

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