Plant-microorganisms interactions and agroecology

Plants Microorganisms

The study of plant-microorganism relationships, particularly relevant in the context of agroecology, is based on the knowledge obtained on grassland species and developed on crops. The plant-microorganism interactions are approached at the level of the rhizosphere and the phyllosphere to study:

  • the effect of biotic and abiotic factors on symbiotic N2 fixation
  • the relationships between exudation, and more generally rhizodeposition, and the structure of microbial communities
  • the role of fructans and their metabolism on the mechanisms of interaction between the plant and bacteria colonizing roots or leaves
  • the influence of microbial communities or PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) on the plant N, S and P nutrition

Modification date: 08 February 2023 | Publication date: 08 April 2022 | By: S. Lemauviel-Lavenant