A. Cera

Andreu Cera

Postdoctoral researcher

Research Team: EcoPEPS

e-mail: andreu.cera-rull@unicaen.fr

Tel: +33(0)2 31 56 58 62

Location: CAMPUS 1, Building J3, Door IR 053

Address : Université de Caen Normandie,
CS 14032, Esplanade de la paix,
14032 CAEN CEDEX 5, France


Research activities

My research on plant and lichen ecology uses functional ecology and community ecology to understand biodiversity, mineral nutrition and the impact of disturbances. At the University of Caen-Normandie, I study the impact of heatwaves on grassland plants and how functional diversity and sulphur metabolism can mitigate their impact in plant communities. My research at UNICAEN is funded by the Winning Normandy/Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND programme (2023-2025).

Current programs

  • DIVSULPHEAT "Functional diversity and sulphur nutrition as levers to enhance grassland production upon heatwaves" 2023-2025 : WinningNormandy.



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•    Cera, A., Montserrat-Martí, G., Luzuriaga, A. L., Pueyo, Y., & Palacio, S. (2022). Plant affinity to extreme soils and foliar sulphur mediate species-specific responses to sheep grazing in gypsum systems. Plant Ecology & Diversity, 15(5-6), 253-263.
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•    Cera, A., Masó, G., Llimona, X., & Gómez-Bolea, A. (2020). Assessing changes in epiphytic lichen community after 45 years, a study case in white poplars from northern Iberian Peninsula (Jaca, Aragon). Collectanea Botanica, 2020, vol. 39.
•    Cera, A., Fernández-Brime, S., Vila, J. & Llimona, X. (2019). Aportació al coneixement de la diversitat liquènica en brolles de Cistus a Catalunya. Butlletí de la Institució Catalana d'Història Natural, 83-90.
•    Cera, A., Force, L., Navarro Rosinés, P., Gómez-Bolea, A., & Llimona, X. (2018). Noves dades sobre líquens i fongs liquenícoles dels substrats rocosos carbonatats a Catalunya. Butlletí de la Institució Catalana d'Història Natural, 9-22.




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